Mercedes-Benz Vision One-Eleven – An electric vision of the future

M One-Eleven front view half profile
© Mercedes-Benz-Vision One-Eleven front view half profile

A fascinating concept for sustainable and electric mobility

The Mercedes-Benz Vision One-Eleven is a groundbreaking concept vehicle that embodies Mercedes-Benz’s vision for sustainable and electric mobility. With its innovative technology and stunning design, this vehicle heralds a new era of driving. One-Eleven front view with open doors

Stunning design and innovative technology

The design of the Vision One-Eleven is characterised by clean lines, flowing shapes and futuristic elements that make the vehicle aerodynamically efficient. It combines cutting-edge technology with an aesthetically pleasing exterior. One-Eleven side view
© Mercedes-Benz-Vision One-Eleven side view

Powerful electric motor and impressive range

With its powerful electric motor, the Vision One-Eleven offers impressive acceleration and range. Advanced battery technology allows the vehicle to travel long distances on a single charge. Charging the vehicle is quick and convenient. One-Eleven back view half profile
© Mercedes-Benz-Vision One-Eleven backt view half profile

Innovative and comfortable interior

The interior of the Vision One-Eleven is innovatively designed to provide passengers with a premium experience. Luxurious materials, ergonomic seats and state-of-the-art connectivity add to the comfort. The cockpit is equipped with a high-resolution display and advanced assistance systems ensure safety and relaxation during the journey. One-Eleven interior
© Mercedes-Benz-Vision One-Eleven interior

A symbol of sustainability and CO2-neutral mobility

The Vision One-Eleven also symbolises Mercedes-Benz’s sustainability efforts. The company aims to offer a CO2-neutral fleet by 2039. With its impressive design, advanced technology and sustainable commitment, the Mercedes-Benz Vision One-Eleven sets new standards for the mobility of tomorrow.

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