Moschino – A brand with humor and style


Moschino is one of the most famous and popular fashion brands in the world. For over 30 years it has stood for creativity, irony and elegance. But how did it all begin? And what makes Moschino so special? In this article you will learn more about the history and philosophy of this unique brand.

The founder of Moschino was Franco Moschino, an Italian designer born in 1950 in Abbiategrasso near Milan. Even as a child he showed a great passion for art and fashion. He studied painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera and worked part-time as an illustrator for various fashion magazines. In 1971 he started working as a designer for Versace and in 1976 he moved to Cadette, an Italian fashion brand.

In 1983 he decided to start his own fashion company, Moonshadow S.p.A., and opened his first store in Milan, offering women’s fashion under the label Moschino Couture! From the beginning, his style was provocative, humorous and original. He played with the clichés of the fashion industry and parodied well-known brands and symbols. For example, he used the words “This is not a Moschino T-shirt” on his T-shirts or the slogan “Stop the fashion system” on his jackets. He also created unusual combinations of materials, colors and patterns, such as a skirt made of plastic bags or a jacket made of teddy bears.

Franco Moschino was not only a brilliant designer, but also a committed activist. He campaigned for peace, the environment and animal rights. He donated part of his profits to charities and supported various campaigns against racism, AIDS and war. He was also a great friend of Madonna, who often wore his clothes.

Franco Moschino died in 1994 at the age of only 44. His death was a great shock for the fashion world and for his fans. He left a great legacy of creations that are still admired today. After Franco Moschino’s death, his longtime assistant Rossella Jardini took over the creative direction of the brand. She continued the style and spirit of Moschino, keeping the typical elements such as humor, irony and elegance.

In 2013, Rossella Jardini was replaced by Jeremy Scott, an American designer known for his flamboyant and poppy style. Scott brought a breath of fresh air to the brand, making it even more famous and popular with celebrities such as Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga. He was inspired by various themes such as fast food, Barbie or Spongebob and created spectacular collections that often caused a sensation.

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