O Mensch

Lars Eidinger
Book cover “O Mensch”
© Hatje Cantz Verlag
Book cover “O Mensch”
© Hatje Cantz Verlag


Multi-talented between stage and camera

Lars Eidinger is not only known for his expressive performances on stage and in front of the camera, but also as an attentive photographer who looks at the world with a special eye. With his second illustrated book “O Mensch”, published by Hatje Cantz Verlag, he shows a new facet of his photographic work. As a photographer, he presents a fascinating collection of snapshots from the centre of life. “O Mensch” is more than an illustrated book, it is a collection of moments that captures the ambivalence of life in all its facets.

“O Mensch” – Berlin, 2022
Photo: Lars Eidinger

Ambiguities of everyday life

“O Mensch” takes the viewer on a profound and multi-layered journey into the world of Lars Eidinger. The photographs, which were taken over the last three years with a mobile phone and system camera, are characterised by a remarkable ambiguity. They show everyday reality, but in a way that questions our perception. At a time when the boundaries between man and machine are becoming blurred, Eidinger illuminates the absurd facets of life. The images are more than snapshots, they are reflections on the world we live in. Eidinger invites the viewer to see the familiar scenes of everyday life with new eyes and to recognise the contradictions and complexity of our existence.

“O Mensch” – Gronau 2021
Photo: Lars Eidinger

Poetry by Yoko Tawada

Another exciting dimension of “O Mensch” are the haikus by Japanese poet Yoko Tawada. The short poems, which are printed in German and English, expand the scope for interpretation of the photographs and lend them a poetic depth. Tawada succeeds in putting Lars Eidinger’s images into words, thus creating an additional layer of meaning and beauty. The haikus express the subtle nuances and feelings contained in the images and deepen the connection between the viewer and the artwork. The combination of images and poems creates a dialogue between two artists that takes the reader and viewer on an intimate and profound journey.

 “O Mensch” - Paris, 2021
Photo: Lars Eidinger
“O Mensch”Paris, 2021
Photo: Lars Eidinger

Photography as self-discovery

With “O Mensch”, Lars Eidinger gives photography a comprehensive space as a form of expression and means of self-exploration. As an actor of human ambivalence, he places the multi-layered and complex nature of human life at the centre of his photographs. The book, a high-quality clothbound volume with 240 pages, is not only a visual journey of discovery, but also an invitation to think about and reflect on the various facets of being human. “O Mensch” is an interesting work that once again demonstrates Lars Eidinger’s artistic versatility.


TitleO Mensch
AuthorLars Eidinger
PublisherHatje Cantz Verlag
Pages288 pages, 240 illustrations.
LanguageGerman / English
Dimensions24,8 cm x 18,0 cm
Price40,00 €

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Further information on the book “O Mensch” (Advertisement) can be found on the Hatje Cantz Verlag website.

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