ARNOLD – Collector’s Edition

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Book cover “ARNOLD. Collector’s Edition” Photo: Andy Warhol 1977
Book cover “ARNOLD. Collector’s Edition”
Photo: Andy Warhol 1977
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A tribute to the world star

The “ARNOLD. Collector’s Edition” published by Taschen is undoubtedly an impressive work that documents the life journey of the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger in a fascinating two-volume edition. The book is not just a collector’s item, but a veritable work of art that illuminates in depth the story and soul of a man who inspiringly turned his dreams and ambitions into reality. The edition goes far beyond the surface of his achievements and offers a deep insight into the highs and lows that accompanied him on his path to international success.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Phantom Commando" 1985 Photo: Bruce McBroom
Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Phantom Commando” 1985
Photo: Bruce McBroom

From Thal to Hollywood

The book documents Schwarzenegger’s life in detail in numerous photographs. It begins with his humble origins in the Austrian village of Thal and follows his rise as a young athlete. It tells of his courageous move to America to become the most famous bodybuilder of all time and follows his glittering career as the world’s leading action film star. The book describes the incredible journey of a man from humble beginnings to become one of the most recognisable faces in Hollywood. The detailed account of his life gives the reader the opportunity to understand not only his success, but also the struggles and hardships he had to endure along the way.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, at the age of 20, in Austria 1967 Photo: Albert Busek
Arnold Schwarzenegger, at the age of 20, in Austria 1967
Photo: Albert Busek

A life in pictures

The “ARNOLD. Collector’s Edition” is therefore not only a captivating narrative of his life’s journey, but also a real feast for the eyes. The book features impressive portraits by renowned photographers such as Richard Avedon, Annie Leibovitz, Robert Mapplethorpe, Herb Ritts, Francesco Scavullo and even Andy Warhol. These photographers have captured Arnold’s distinctive facial features and muscular physique in a unique way over the decades. This large-format volume presents these masterpieces of photography and allows the reader to view Arnold through the lens of these artists. This creates an even deeper connection to this iconic man, as you see him not only through his own eyes, but also through the creative perspectives of these world-renowned photographers

With boys from Maryknoll Japanese Catholic Center, Los Angeles 1997
Photo by Annie Leibovitz
With boys from Maryknoll Japanese Catholic Center, Los Angeles 1997
Photo by Annie Leibovitz

Exclusive insights and interviews

The “ARNOLD. Collector’s Edition” is a comprehensive tribute to Arnold Schwarzenegger and offers impressive photographs as well as exclusive interviews with him and his closest confidants, including film directors such as Ivan Reitman and Bob Rafelson and bodybuilding legends such as Franco Columbu, Dave Draper and Frank Zane. The book allows the reader to discover the multifaceted personality behind the superstar and to analyse his influence on the fields of bodybuilding, film and politics. With a limited edition of only 1,447 copies, it is a must-have for collectors and fans of Arnold Schwarzenegger.


TitleARNOLD – Collector’s Edition
AuthorDian Hanson
PublisherTaschen Verlag
CoverHardcover with ChromaLuxe aluminium print, in slipcase
Pages334 pages, plus 556-page companion volume
Dimensions34,3 x 46,2 cm
Price1500 €

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Further information on the book “ARNOLD. Collector’s Edition” (Advertisement) can be found on the website of the Taschen publishing house.


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