Paul Smith – The man who revolutionized fashion


Paul Smith is one of the most famous and influential fashion designers in the world. He has created a distinctive style that combines classic British elegance with a touch of humor and creativity. His collections include men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, accessories, fragrances and furniture. He owns more than 300 stores in 70 countries and has won several awards for his achievements. But how did he become what he is today?

Paul Smith was born in 1946 in Nottingham, England. His childhood dream was to become a professional bicycle racer. He left school at 15 without graduating and began working in a Nottingham clothing warehouse as an errand boy. There he learned the basics of tailoring and developed an interest in fashion. He became friends with students at the local art school and regularly attended art shows and movies. He was inspired by various styles and movements, such as Pop Art, Surrealism and Modernism.

At 18, he had a serious bicycle accident that ended his athletic career. During his recovery, he met Pauline Denyer, a fashion student who would later become his wife and main advisor. She encouraged him to design and sell his own fashion. He opened his first store in Nottingham in 1970. He called it “Paul Smith Vêtements pour Homme.” He sold his own creations there as well as selected pieces by other designers.

In 1976, he presented his first menswear collection in Paris under the Paul Smith label. He combined traditional English tailoring with unusual details and colors. He quickly became known for his innovative and original approach. He expanded his range to include womenswear, children’s clothing, jeans, underwear and more. He also created various sub-brands, such as Paul Smith London, Paul Smith Jeans or Paul Smith Black Label.

Paul Smith became a global brand with annual sales of over 500 million pounds. He was knighted, received the “Outstanding Achievement Award” at the British Fashion Awards and was named Royal Designer for Industry. He also collaborated with other brands and artists, such as Leica, Anglepoise and David Bowie. He also designed the jerseys for the 2012 British Olympic team.

Paul Smith is still actively involved in his business. He travels the world a lot to find inspiration and meet his clients. He is known for his curiosity and enthusiasm for everything around him. He collects artwork, photographs, toys and curiosities, which he displays in his stores and office. He is also a passionate photographer and regularly posts pictures on his Instagram account.

Paul Smith is more than just a fashion designer. He is a cultural creator, a storyteller and a visionary. He has not only revolutionized fashion, he has enriched it. He has shown that fashion can be fun without sacrificing quality or elegance. He taught us that you can be true to yourself without being conformist or bored.

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