Roberto Geissini – The fashion brand of the Geissens


Robert Geiss is not only the name of a famous TV star, but also the founder and creative head of the Roberto Geissini brand. His style is characterized by rock’n’roll, glamour and rebellion, and he likes to use skulls, rhinestones and leather as elements of his designs.

Robert Geiss was born in Cologne in 1964. He showed an interest in fashion at an early age and began designing and sewing his own clothes. At the age of 18, together with his brother Michael, he founded the brand Uncle Sam, which specialized in sports and leisure wear. The brand quickly became a success and made the brothers millionaires.

In 1994, Robert Geiss sold his shares in Uncle Sam and devoted himself to other projects. He traveled the world, invested in real estate and met his future wife Carmen. The two married in 1994 and had two daughters, Shania and Davina.

In 2012, Robert Geiss decided to get back into the fashion world. He founded the brand Roberto Geissini, which carried his nickname as a designer. The brand was to reflect his personal style: extravagant, luxurious and self-confident. The first collections consisted of t-shirts, jeans, jackets and accessories decorated with eye-catching prints, rhinestones and skull motifs.

The brand quickly became a success, especially after the Geiss family got their own reality show “The Geissens – A Terribly Glamorous Family” in 2011. The show documented the family’s life as they traveled around the world and also featured their fashion creations. Viewers were thrilled by the Geissens extravagant lifestyle and wanted to bring a piece of it home.

Since then, Roberto Geissini has constantly evolved and launched new collections. The brand now offers not only clothing for men, women and children, but also bags, jewelry and home accessories. The designs are still extravagant and glamorous, but have also become more diverse and modern.

Roberto Geissini is now one of the most successful fashion brands in Germany and has fans all over the world. The brand stands for an individual style that is not based on trends, but on the personality of the wearer. Roberto Geissini is more than just fashion, it is an attitude to life.

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