Range Rover Evoque 2024 combines luxury and innovation

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© Land Rover- Jaguar – Range Rover Evoque

Model update and improvements

The model update of the Range Rover Evoque for the 2024 model year brings a number of improvements to the interior, colors, lights and equipment. Visually, the Evoque is enhanced with new pixel LED headlights and red LED taillights. Inside, drivers can expect a redesigned 11.4-inch touchscreen that underscores the vehicle’s modern luxury feel.

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© Land Rover- Jaguar – Range Rover Evoque

Sustainable leather free interior

The Range Rover Evoque also offers technical innovations such as advanced interior air purification technologies and advanced hybrid drive technology. Particularly noteworthy is the option of a sustainable leather-free interior, which gives the vehicle a luxurious and contemporary feel.

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© Land Rover- Jaguar – Range Rover Evoque

Plug-in hybrid with long range

The Range Rover Evoque P300e is a plug-in hybrid with a WLTP electric range of up to 80 kilometers. With low CO2 emissions of just 29 g/km, the P300e allows driving in electric mode for average daily journeys. The vehicle also features standard DC fast charging technology that charges the battery from 0 to 80 percent in just 30 minutes.

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© Land Rover- Jaguar – Range Rover Evoque

Radio-controlled updates and app functions

The Evoque is equipped with various camera technologies such as ClearSight Ground View, ClearSight Rear View and a 3D surround camera system that improve visibility and make maneuvering easier. A handy feature of the Evoque is the ability to perform scheduled updates to the vehicle’s software over the air without having to drive to the workshop. Drivers can check vehicle status and schedule charging via the Land Rover InControl Remote app.

Hypermade-Magazine-Mobile-Range Rover-Evoque 2024 interior screen

Prices and availability

Prices for the 2024 model year Range Rover Evoque start at 61,200 euros. The model update and new features are reflected in the price increase. The Evoque remains a luxurious and modern SUV with stylish design, advanced technology and a touch of luxury.


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