Jean Patou – A pioneer of fashion and perfume industry


Jean Patou was a successful French fashion designer, costume designer and designer of the 20th century. He is considered one of the pioneers of modern haute couture and the perfume industry. His fashion and perfume company, founded in 1912, still exists today under the name Patou and has been owned by LVMH since 2018.

Patou was born in Paris on September 27, 1887. He came from a wealthy family that was involved in the fur trade. He showed an early interest in fashion and art. He attended the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris and worked as an assistant at various fashion houses before opening his own studio in 1912.

Patou was known for his innovative and elegant creations that reflected the spirit of the times. He designed dresses for the modern woman who enjoyed sports, travel and leisure. He was one of the first to popularize the flapper style, which included short skirts, loose silhouettes and short hair. He was also one of the first to design pants for women, offering them as a practical and chic alternative to skirts.

Patou was not only a fashion designer, but also a perfumer. He created some of the most famous fragrances in history, such as “Joy”, considered the most expensive perfume in the world, and “Amour Amour”, the first perfume for young women. He was also a pioneer in marketing his perfumes, coordinating them with his fashion collections and presenting them in elegant bottles.

Patou died of a stroke on May 23, 1936, at the age of 48. He left a great legacy in the fashion and perfume industry, which was carried on by his successors. His company was run after his death by his sister Madeleine and her husband Raymond Barbas. Today, Patou is part of LVMH, the world’s leading luxury group, which aims to revitalize the label.

Jean Patou was a visionary artist who revolutionized the fashion and perfume world. His creations are still timeless and coveted today. He created a distinctive style that combines elegance, innovation and quality.

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