My Privy Councillor Lagerfeld

Marietta AndreaeOriginal title
Bookcover "My Privy Councillor Lagerfeld", Paris Juni 2002
 Photo: Helmut Newton
Bookcover “My Privy Councillor Lagerfeld”, Paris Juni 2002
Photo: Helmut Newton
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An intimate insight into the world of Lagerfeld

In “My Privy Councillor Lagerfeld”, Marietta Andreae, a long-time confidante of Karl Lagerfeld, offers a fascinating perspective on the life and work of the famous fashion designer. Their relationship began in 1983, when Lagerfeld took over the position of Artistic Director at Chanel. This collaboration, rich in creative projects and in-depth conversations, unfolds in the pages of the book and offers a rare insight into the personal world of the fashion icon.

Launch „Lagerfeld Man“, München Praterinsel – Pressekonferenz und Fotoausstellung 2002
Foto: Günther Reisp
Launch “Lagerfeld Man”, Munich Praterinsel – Press conference and photo exhibition 2002
Photo: Günther Reisp

Working towards a deep connection

Marietta Andreae had access to Karl Lagerfeld’s inner circle for many years. She worked for Chanel for 25 years, most recently as Director of Public Relations in Germany and Austria. Her collaboration with Lagerfeld included planning major Chanel events, travelling together to art festivals and trade fairs and meeting many outstanding personalities. The book describes in detail how their professional relationship developed over time into a deep mutual appreciation and a special understanding for each other.

Marietta Andreae & Karl Lagerfeld bei der PARADE in Frankfurt, Dezember 1995
 Foto: Hartwig Valdmanis
Marietta Andreae & Karl Lagerfeld at the PARADE in Frankfurt, December 1995
Photo: Hartwig Valdmanis

The hidden sides of Lagerfeld

Andreae’s book sets itself apart from many other publications by focussing on the lesser-known private and personal side of Lagerfeld. She illuminates his character through lively anecdotes, witty bon mots and entertaining stories that show the fashion designer in a new light. Andreae’s account offers an authentic insight into the life of a man who was often considered enigmatic and unapproachable, revealing the human facets behind the public figure. In this way, the book enables the reader to experience Karl Lagerfeld in a previously hidden way.

Karls Geschenk an Marianne Fürstin zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn
„Diner avec Mama“ - Rudolph Moshammer und Mutter bei einem Dinner im Goldenen Hirsch, Salzburg Juli 1991
Karl’s gift to Marianne Princess of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn
“Diner avec Mama” – Rudolph Moshammer and his mother at a dinner in the Goldener Hirsch, Salzburg July 1991

Lagerfeld’s world in photographs and sketches

The book is enriched with a careful selection of photographs of and with Karl Lagerfeld, original sketches, newspaper cuttings and facsimiles of his letters. These visual elements complement the stories told and allow the reader to immerse themselves in Lagerfeld’s private world. They illustrate the depth and intensity of their work together and offer a rare insight into the creative processes of one of the greatest fashion designers of our time. These visual treasures add an extra dimension to the book and make it a truly comprehensive portrait of Karl Lagerfeld.

Spaziergang in Apolda anlässlich der KL Fotoausstellung, April 2005
 Foto: Roger Fritz
Walk in Apolda on the occasion of the KL photo exhibition, April 2005
Photo: Roger Fritz

A tribute to Karl Lagerfeld

“My Privy Councillor Lagerfeld” by Marietta Andreae is a profound and personal memoir of Karl Lagerfeld that goes far beyond his public persona as a fashion icon. The book sheds light on Lagerfeld’s human side and his artistic vision. It provides revealing insights into the development of the fashion industry and shows Lagerfeld’s influential role in it. The book is essential reading for anyone interested in the hitherto little-illuminated side of the great German fashion designer.


TitleMein Geheimrat Lagerfeld – My Privy Councillor Lagerfeld
AuthorMarietta Andreae
PublisherFelix Jud
LanguageGerman / English
Dimensions 26,6 x 19,1 cm
Price38,00 €

Further information

Further information about the book “Mein Geheimrat Lagerfeld – My Privy Councillor Lagerfeld” (Advertisement) can be found on the publisher’s website Felix Jud (in German).


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