Mercedes-Benz integrates ChatGPT into its vehicles

M Magazine Mobile Mercedes-Benz EQS Interior
© Mercedes-Benz – EQS interior

Partnership between Mercedes-Benz and Microsoft

Mercedes-Benz and Microsoft have partnered to take advantage of ChatGPT in combination with the powerful cloud platform Azure. This collaboration will enable Mercedes-Benz to further expand the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and drive innovative applications in the automotive industry.

Mercedes-Benz plans to launch the first test version of its new vehicle as part of a three-month beta programme that will be available exclusively to American customers. This innovative programme will allow selected customers to extensively test the vehicle and provide valuable feedback.
© Mercedes-Benz – ChatGPT app

Integrating ChatGPT with Azure for advanced AI capabilities

Azure offers a rich set of tools and resources for developing and implementing AI solutions. By integrating ChatGPT with Azure, Mercedes-Benz can access a highly scalable and secure platform to leverage real-time AI capabilities and improve customer service.

The collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and Microsoft makes it possible to equip vehicles with advanced AI capabilities. By combining data from the vehicles and the cloud, drivers can receive personalised recommendations for route planning, maintenance or energy efficiency. ChatGPT serves as a natural and intuitive interface to interact with the vehicle and retrieve information.


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