Suzy Menkes – The voice of fashion


Suzy Menkes is the world’s most famous fashion journalist. For more than fifty years she has covered the trends, the designers and the stories behind the fashion industry. She is known for her independent and critical eye, deep passion and extensive knowledge of fashion. She has personally known and interviewed all the great names in fashion history, from Yves Saint Laurent to Karl Lagerfeld to Rei Kawakubo. She is an icon, an inspiration and an authority in the fashion world.

Suzy Menkes was born in London in 1943 and studied history at Newnham College, Cambridge. She began her journalistic career at “The Times” in London. She then moved to the International Herald Tribune. There she was the senior fashion critic for 25 years, writing about the fashion shows in Paris, Milan, London and New York. In 2014, she was appointed Condé Nast’s international fashion director.

Suzy Menkes has a unique style that reflects both her personality and professionalism. She always wears a distinctive pompadour hairstyle, which she has maintained since her youth. She dresses elegantly and practically, often in black and white outfits with colorful accents. She has an impressive collection of jewelry, which she changes depending on the occasion and mood. She is always friendly and polite, but also direct and honest in her assessments. She is not afraid to criticize if she thinks something is inappropriate or boring. However, she also praises the creativity and talent of the designers she admires.

Suzy Menkes has a great influence on the fashion industry and the public perception of fashion. She has received many awards for her work, including the Order of the British Empire and the French Order of the Legion of Honor. She is a sought-after speaker at fashion conferences and events around the world. She has also written several books on fashion, such as “The Windsor Style” and “The Royal Jewels.”

Suzy Menkes is more than just a fashion journalist. She is a chronicler, a critic, and a facilitator of fashion culture. She is a living legend who has witnessed and helped shape fashion history. She is the voice of fashion.

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