Three new fragrances from Mercedes-Benz and INCC Parfums

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© Mercedes-Benz – Fragrance Triology

A cobination of mobility, design and sustainability

For more than a century, the iconic, three-pointed Mercedes-Benz star has symbolised the connection between mobility on land, at sea and in the air. Now this idea is being taken up in the form of a new trilogy of fragrances. In collaboration with INCC Parfums, Mercedes-Benz has created three Eau de Parfums: Land, Sea and Air. These fragrances can be worn separately or combined in harmonious balance. The stylish flacons pay homage to Mercedes-Benz and are characterised by a well thought-out design. In addition, sustainability and transparency were taken into account in the selection of raw materials and the production of the flacons. - Eau de Parfum "Land"
© Mercdes-Benz – Eau de Parfum “Land”


Mercedes-Benz Land embodies the warm elements of the earth. This fragrance combines woody notes of patchouli with slightly spicy and sensual nuances of cocoa shell and tonka bean. It is rounded off by the freshness of rosemary camphor, the velvety tones of geranium and the clear power of fir balsam. Mercedes-Benz Land unfolds a unique fragrance universe that combines warmth, sensuality and freshness. - Eau de Parfum "Sea"
© Mercedes-Benz – Eau de Parfum “Sea”

Mercedes-Benz “Sea”

Mercedes-Benz Sea exudes the refreshing feeling of a crashing wave. Intense notes of violet leaf are enlivened by fruity mandarin. The salty, leathery note of seaweed rounds off the maritime character of this fragrance. Mercedes-Benz Sea transports the senses to the coast and awakens the feeling of vastness and freedom. - Eau de Parfum "Air"
© Mercedes-Benz – Eau de Parfum “Air”

Mercedes-Benz “Air”

Mercedes-Benz Air has an extremely relaxing effect. This fragrance is based on aromatic artemisia oil, which smells of herbs. It meets highly aromatic base notes of angelica and delicate floral nuances of petitgrain. The fragrance is complemented by the sparkling power of citrus and the spicy accents of turmeric leaves. Mercedes-Benz Air transports the senses into the world of refreshing airs and creates an atmosphere of relaxation and well-being. - Opened package
© Mercedes-Benz – Opened package

The harmonious balance

The fragrance trilogy by Mercedes-Benz offers the unique option of layering, where the fragrances can be worn in different combinations. Land+Sea combines woody and maritime notes to create a distinctive fragrance. Land+Air, on the other hand, combines woody nuances with tangy citrus scents. Sea+Air brings together the refreshing elements of Sea and Air, while Land + Sea + Air creates a harmonious combination of woody, maritime and citrus notes. These diverse fragrance combinations allow everyone to create their own individual fragrance expression and adapt it according to the occasion, personal preference or mood of the day. - Closed package
© Mercedes-Benz – Closed packaging

Sustainability in focus

When designing the flacons, the focus is not only on design, but also on a responsible approach to the elements of earth, water and air. Viewed from above, the flacons form the iconic Mercedes star and are made of recycled aluminium and glass. A removable threaded pump allows the fragrances to be refilled, which contributes to reduced waste. The outer packaging is made of recyclable and biodegradable paper that contains up to 10 per cent seaweed and is produced with 100 per cent renewable energy.

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