Yōji Yamamoto – The master of avant-garde fashion


Yōji Yamamoto is one of the most influential and innovative fashion designers in the world. For more than four decades, he has created clothing that blurs the lines between art and fashion. His style is characterized by a minimalist and deconstructive approach, often inspired by traditional Japanese elements such as kimonos or hakamas. His collections are known for their dark colors, asymmetrical cuts, oversized silhouettes and experimental materials.

Yamamoto was born in Tokyo in 1943 and grew up in a time of war and post-war poverty. His mother was a dressmaker who taught him the craft. He studied law at Keiō University before deciding to follow his passion for fashion. He enrolled at the prestigious Bunka Fashion College, where he graduated in 1969. He founded his own label, Y’s, in 1972 and opened his first boutique.

In 1981, Yamamoto debuted in Paris with his first prêt-à-porter collection for women. He was immediately recognized as one of the leaders of the Japanese fashion movement that revolutionized the European fashion scene in the 1980s. His clothes were a radical departure from the glamorous and feminine trends of the time. He wanted to free women from the constraints of fashion and offer them a new form of beauty and individuality.

Yamamoto launched his first men’s collection in 1984 and expanded his empire with various sub-brands such as Y’s for Men, Y-3 (a sportswear line in collaboration with Adidas), Y’s Pink Label (a more youthful and colorful line) and Yohji Yamamoto + Noir (a more luxurious and refined line). He also collaborated with other artists from different fields, such as photographer Nick Knight and musician Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Yamamoto is not only a fashion designer, but also a philosopher, a poet and a rebel. He constantly questions the conventions and norms of society and the fashion industry. He is also a passionate lover of music and plays the guitar himself.

Yamamoto is almost 80 years old and shows no signs of fatigue or willingness to compromise. He remains true to his vision and continues to surprise his audience with his creative and original creations. He is a living legend of fashion history and a source of inspiration for many young designers. He is the master of avant-garde fashion.

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