Lomonosov – Imperial porcelain from St. Petersburg


Porcelain is not only a material, but also an art form. For centuries it has fascinated people with its beauty, elegance and diversity. But how is porcelain actually made? And where can you admire it in all its glory? A visit to the Lomonosov manufactory in Saint Petersburg, the oldest and most famous porcelain factory in Russia, offers an answer to these questions.

The history of the Lomonosov Manufactory begins in 1744, when the Russian Tsarina Elizabeth I commissioned the chemist Dmitry Vinogradov to unravel the mystery of porcelain. After many experiments, Vinogradov succeeded in producing the first Russian hard porcelain, which was distinguished by its high quality and strength. He then founded the country’s first porcelain manufactory, which was initially called the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory and was later named after the famous Russian scholar Mikhail Lomonosov.

At first, the Lomonosov manufactory produced mainly tableware and figurines for the court and nobility, decorated with magnificent motifs and colors. Later, artistic and patriotic works reflecting the history and culture of Russia were added. The manufactory became a symbol of national pride and creative power.

Today, the Lomonosov Manufactory is a modern company offering both traditional and contemporary porcelain art. The manufactory employs about 1000 people, including many experienced masters and young talents. Production is still done by hand, with each step carefully controlled from molding to painting to firing. The manufactory has its own design department, which constantly creates new collections and unique pieces.

The Lomonosov Manufactory is not only a place of production, but also of presentation and learning. The manufactory has its own museum, which shows the history and development of Russian porcelain. The museum houses more than 30,000 exhibits, including some of the manufactory’s most famous works, such as the “Cobalt Net” service, the “Orlov” service, and the “Great Fruit Vase.” The museum also offers guided tours, workshops and lectures that give visitors an insight into the art and technique of porcelain.

The Lomonosov Manufactory is a worthwhile destination for anyone interested in porcelain or who simply wants to see something beautiful. It is a journey into a world of beauty, elegance and diversity.

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