Prada – A brand with history and future


The Prada story begins in 1913, when Mario Prada and his brother Martino open a leather goods workshop in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan. The two brothers produce high-quality suitcases, bags and accessories made of the finest leather, which soon become popular with upscale customers. Mario Prada is an innovative entrepreneur, constantly trying out new materials and designs.

However, Mario Prada has a conservative attitude towards women. He does not believe that women have any place in the business world. That is why he refuses to allow his daughter Luisa to join the family business.

When Mario Prada died in 1958, Luisa took over the management of the company. She continues the tradition of quality and style that made her father famous. She also expands the range to include shoes, gloves and scarves. Under her leadership, Prada grows into a respected brand in Italy and Europe. Luisa Prada has a daughter named Miuccia, born in 1949. Miuccia is an intelligent and creative young woman interested in art, politics and culture. She studies political science at the University of Milan and graduates with a doctorate.

However, Miuccia also has an eye for fashion. She helps her mother out in the store and designs her own bags in nylon, an unusual material for luxury products. She also experiments with colors, shapes and patterns. Her bags are fresh, original and practical. In 1978, Miuccia marries businessman Patrizio Bertelli, who owns his own leather goods company. Bertelli recognizes the potential of Miuccia’s talent. He becomes her partner in business and in life.

They open new stores in the main fashion capitals like Paris, London or New York. They launch new lines like Miu Miu, aimed at younger and trendier customers. They also collaborate with famous architects like Rem Koolhaas or Herzog & de Meuron to create unique and avant-garde store spaces.

Prada is now a global fashion empire with a turnover of over 3 billion euros in 2019, and the brand employs more than 12,000 people and hundreds of stores worldwide. Prada is not only a symbol of luxury and style, but also of culture and art. The brand supports numerous initiatives such as the Fondazione Prada, which promotes contemporary art. Prada is a brand with a history and a future. A brand that constantly reinvents itself while remaining true to its values. A brand that turns fashion into an art form.

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